Document Procurement

With PTIC premium NRI services, procurement of your essential documents from India becomes easier. Just you need to contact our expert team and rest everything will be taken care of for your upmost satisfaction.

Our mission is to help facilitate procurement of your documents from India in the quickest and efficient manner possible. But, we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or errors done at the time of document registration or for any delays due to insufficient or delayed information provided by you.

Here we list the documents we help you with:

  1. Birth Certificate: It is a vital certificate that is issued at the time of birth, which gives you related citizenship rights and documentary evidence. So, whether you need its copy or want to get your name added, we endeavour to get it for you and send it through courier.
  2. Degree Certificate: It’s certifies that you have received specific education in India and may be needed in abroad for further studies or job. PTIC on your behalf procure it from your university/college and make it available to you.
  3. Syllabus Copy: It outlines the summary of topics to be covered during the tenure of an education or training course. We can get its copy for you as a proof of having undergone the subjects mentioned in the mark sheet.
  4. Mark sheet/Transcripts: It’s your mark sheet that represents that you have scored certain marks in the examination. Some foreign universities require sealed transcripts that are a cumulative record file of all the examinations maintained by an institution. PTIC procure it and send it through courier or email as required.
  5. Medium of Instruction: In India different medium of instructions are used during schooling like Hindi, English or some state language. Thus, its certificate is needed by the education institution for higher studies, job, or registration with foreign agencies. We help you get it in the shortest time frame possible.
  6. Marriage Certificate: It is a proof of your marriage in India and one needed to get their marriage registered as per the laws. PTIC will help you get this certificate when the need arises.
  7. Pan Card Application Submission: Pan Card is essential in India for any financial transaction, obtaining telephone connection, purchasing immovable property, etc. PTIC assist you in getting your Pan card issued and also follow up in case it is not received yet.
  8. Others: These are not all; there may be various other documents that may be needed by you. So, don’t worry PTIC is here to serve you. Some other important documents we help you procure are bachelorhood certificate, death certificate, reference letter, non-availability of birth certificate, changing non-availability of birth certificate, hidden wealth, etc.