India is known for its high quality education at pocket friendly rates. It’s simply value for money and there are multiple options to choose from. Well, most of the NRIs go through this dilemma as whether they should send their kids to India for education or not? Thus, PTIC NRI services help you to take the right decision by accumulating all the required information about all the courses available. Also, offer assistance after you have decided to send your kids to India for education.

PTIC premium NRI services strive to cover all your education needs.

Well, here is a snapshot of what services we offer to NRIs:

1. Admissions and Information: After some time, an NRI may feel coming back to India, which is a big chance especially for the kids. Well, PTIC premium NRI services help you to find the best school/board for your kid’s education through research work. Also, find out the required procedure to ease out all this process. We even help you find an accredited institution for further studies. It’s advisable to discuss your college needs with us in advance to get all the admission process done on time. Accommodation is also provided, as needed.

2. Fee Payment: NRIs may need an assistance of someone to keep a track of their kid’s education fees in India. Thus, PTIC NRI services assist you at every step. We keep track of all the payments on timely manner, and alert you to avoid hefty late fee payments.

3. Monitoring Progress: No matter whether you live with your kids or far away, every parent is worried about their kid’s performance in education, general activities, etc. Thus, PTIC NRI services assist you by updating all the information about the child of NRI studying in India, on regular intervals. Also, provide the corrective actions as needed.

4. Others: An NRI can heave a myriad of education related needs, thus we strive to cover it all under one roof. So, what are you waiting for? Try our PTIC NRI services once to feel a change in your life.