Financial/Taxation Legal/Insurance

There are various financial needs of NRIs, which needs to be sorted out right on time by a professional. Thus, PTIC NRI offers the required services to get it done. You may need a financial assistance on capital gains, safe investments or related to your Income Tax returns in India. Even may need an advice related to insurance or legal counsel on issues and disputes.

Well, PTIC premium NRI services cover it all and offer assistance for all your needs.

Here are some of the services we will help you with:

1. Wealth Management: NRIs are generally not aware about the investment avenues available in India and the current best practices. Thus, hiring the services of an expert like PTIC NRI services will preserve and nurture your hard earned money, helping you take the right investment decision. We offer al the assistance you need related to your wealth management.

2. Loan Syndication: PTIC NRI experts can help you assist in arranging a syndicated loan, as per the needs and complexity of your requirements.

3. IT Returns Filing: If your NRI income in India exceeds the certain limits, you may need to fill an Income tax Return. Thus, we can assist you with our experts.

4. Legal Opinion: PTIC NRI serves the legal needs of NRIs. You may have a legal issue in India or needs the assistance or advice of a reliable lawyer. Thus, we can assist you with the services you need. Also, arranges the best lawyer for the legal issues of your family residing in India.

5. IT Notice or Tax Authority Visits: If you have a cash deposit in your NRI bank account above 1 million, then it may incur an IT notice that requires the visit to a tax authority. Thus, PTIC premium NRI assists you with this.

6. Attestation of Documents: Some documents may need to be attested, notarized or legalized as the case may be. Thus, we assist you with all your document needs. Even our legal expert can visit the court to attend any court notice on your behalf.

7. Insurance: Risk management is very important in today’s time, thus insurance helps us to keep a hedge against uncertain loss or other financial needs. Whether it’s mediclaim, life or general insurance, PTIC NRI helps you seek the right sound insurance advice from an expert as per your needs.

8. Others: We cover all your financial, legal, insurance and taxation needs, even those which are not mentioned here. So, stop waiting and contact PTIC NRI expert now to get a quote for the services you need.