We all know that nothing is more important in life not even financial belongings than the health, as health is wealth. Thus, India has the best qualified doctors, 5 star medical facilities and lower rate of treatment than other Asian countries. Even the issue of language is not there.

Well, to cater the health needs of NRI’s, PTIC offers numerous health/medical services. We also provide the best quality healthcare to your parents back home at reasonable prices.

Here are some of the broad areas of our health/medical services that we cover:

1. Visits for Health Check: Taking the utmost care of your parents or grandparents is the duty of every child. Just having the intentions to do that is not enough; why not spend some penny dollars to get the best health care services for your loved ones residing in India. All this is possible with PTIC NRI services. We assist you in all your needs. We arrange health check visits for your loved ones in India, and keep a check on their health and general well-being. Also, arranges somebody to work for them or share some quality time, as the need may be.

2. Health Assistance: Elderly needs regular care, thus your aunt, uncle, grandparents, parents and other dear ones may require regular health checkups at home. PTIC NRI also arranges specialized doctors appointment and accompany them to clinic and then back to home.

3. Medical Consultation: The cost of treatment is quite higher in foreign countries, thus if your condition is not urgent, you may wait to get your treatment done when you visit India. Well, PTIC NRI services will arrange a medical consultation with a specialized doctor, just as per your needs. Also, offer other assistance services, as needed.

4. Medicine Delivery: Buying medicines can get cumbersome for elderly patients, thus we offer all the assistance you need. Also, you may require a particular medicine from India, PTIC NRI can deliver it for you through courier/post that is subject to law. We can even arrange monthly delivery of medicines, as needed.

5. Laboratory Service: To ensure the comfort of your aging parents or grandparents, PTIC NRI assists you for all their needs. We may arrange a relationship manager to accompany them to laboratory or hospital and back to home. Also, collects reports and deliver it to doctor or home, as needed. In some cases, also arrange analysis sample pickup from home.

6. Others: There may be some other health/medical needs that you may need, so you don’t need to worry as PTIC NRI covers all your needs in the timely manner. So, what are you waiting for? Look after the health of your dear ones with PTIC premium NRI services. Contact us today to get a quote for the services you need.