Immigration is a complex process and a big decision which can affect your entire family, along with the coming generations. Thus, for an effective migration, getting the help of a reliable partner is essential. PTIC NRI services should be your first choice for all your immigration needs.

Well, here are some of the premium services we offer to NRIs:

1. Person of Indian Origin: PTIC NRI services can assist you in getting a PIO. There are certain conditions you need to fulfil to get a PIO. We can help you in the documentation process and offer guidance at every step. Well, the rejection or issuance of PIO card is not in our hands and we cannot be held responsible for any delay due to bureaucratic or your negligence.

2. Overseas Citizen of India: OCI is an extra benefit offered to Indian citizens who also holds citizenship in some other country. If your country law allows, they can have an OCI card i.e. dual citizenship, which allows them life-long visa and multiple entries to India. Thus, PTIC NRI services facilitate the documentation process to get an OCI. Also, offer assistance at every step for a fasterissuance of OCI.

3. Visa Extension: At any time of your stay in India, the need for a visa extension may arise. Then, don’t forget to take benefit of the premium NRI services by PTIC. We offer all the assistance at every step of the documentation process and facilitate it for fast issuance of your visa extension.

4. Police Clearance Certificate: For a longer stay in India, foreigners may require a police clearance certificate. In such a manner, PTIC NRI services could be of great help. We guide you at every stepand help to get the required documentation ready for applying the police clearance certificate.

5. Attestation: Sometimes, there may be a situation where you need to get your Indian certificates attested by an Indian official, which can be time consuming. Thus, PTIC NRI services simply this task by doing all the ground work and also guide through every step to offer full assistance.

6. Others: There may be various other immigration services that may be required by you. PTIC premium NRI services are a one stop place for all your needs. Some other services offered by us include translation services, foreigner’s regional registration and so on.

Are you in need of any such services, then stop searching or worrying and get a quote for the finest NRI services by PTIC today.