Property Manageent

PTIC very well understand the needs of NRI’s, thus offer a myriad of premium NRI services to cater their needs. NRI’s helps in improving the economy of India through their investment, whether it’s in property or financially. Thus, now you no longer need to worry about your property matters in India, as PTIC premium NRI services are here to help you out.

No matter whether you want to buy a property for investment, sell to reinvest, need help to find a tenant, tenant management or just need an unbiased property advice, we cover it all.

Here are the broad areas of PTIC property management services for NRIs:

1. Buying/Selling Assistance: Buying or selling a property involves a big stake, thus it’s necessary to be little cautious and get all the documents cross checked. Hence, PTIC premium NRI services take the hassle out of your property documents by doing all the running around themselves, thereby reducing your stress. We physically check your property and verify its existence through various ways, get legal advice and also physically assist you through your property deal. Also, offer assistance in getting encumbrance/khata/patta.

2. Utility Bill Payments: Most of the NRIs generally invest in property in India, but they don’t have much time to look after it. Also, enjoy your holidays when you come to India as PTIC NRI services will take care of all your bill payments like water bill, electricity bill, society charges, internet connection and so on. We do all the required work and clear all your payments on-time. Also, remind you of your payment due-dates and clear long pending dues.

3. Statutory Payments: Municipal taxes, property taxes and various other statutory payments need to be paid if you have a property in India. Thus, PTIC NRI will take care of it by paying all your payments and dues.

4. Property Monitoring: Having your own property is a blessing but it needs supervision and protection, especially if it’s vacant. No matter whether it’s your vacant house or an investment property PTIC NRI services will look after all its requirements. We also ensure that your house is cleaned and ready with all amenities when you visit India on holidays. Also, arrange driver and housemaid if necessary.

5. Assistance for Rental Agreement: Do you have a property in India, which you want to lend on rent? Then, PTIC NRI services can assist you in drafting your rental agreement. We act as a bridge between you and tenant. Also, gets your agreement ready, customized to suit your needs. In the end, also seek legal advice for its final enclosure.

6. Tenant Management: If you have rented a property in India, you need an expert to manage it. Thus, PTIC NRI offer you a helping hand by supervising your property, collects rent, deposit it to you as per your requirements, and make a checklist of all the items. Also, carries inspection from time to time and make an exit inspection, when the tenant is moving out to ensure everything is maintained as before.

7. Others: There may be other needs of you related to your property management, we also cover it all. Just contact us to get a quote for the services you need and we will start working. So, with PTIC NRI enjoy a joyful holidays in India without worrying about your property related tasks.